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To Kill a Mockingbird 
Bay Street Theatre

Mr. Thomas gives a startling performance as Tom. You will become overawed with emotions during the trial scene as he is ultimately proving his innocence but knows there's no hope. His is a performance you will remember, no doubt.”


-Melissa Giordano, Broadway World



It is the stellar performances by Chauncy Thomas as the accused Tom Robinson and Jessica Mortellaro as Mayella Ewell, the accuser, that put this production over the top and into the realm of best performances seen on this stage. With tears streaming down their faces, both of these young actors bring a depth to their characters that has the audience crying along with them.”


-Bridget Leroy, The East Hampton Star



 “Thomas offers an incredibly moving performance as Tom Robinson on the witness stand.”


-Annette Hinkle, Sag Harbor Online



Thomas exudes sincerity as Tom Robinson, with moving emotion.”


-Kristen Weyer, NY Theatre Guide




St. Louis Actors' Studio

It was a squirm-inducing, terrifying, heartbreaking piece of work, and Mr. Thomas should win all the awards anyone cares to hand out this year for his performance.”


-Paul Friswold, Riverfront Times



Thomas is one of St. Louis’ most accomplished actors and superbly demonstrates why with his consistently affecting performance as Booth. He dives headlong into Booth’s mental maelstrom and displays in heartbreaking fashion the lifelong, emotional devastation wreaked upon this fragile character by his cruel fate, whether in explosive outbursts or recoiling into himself from the grip of perpetual emotional pain.”


-Mark Bretz, Ladue News



Thomas' performance is just as subtle, despite the volcanic fury that is Booth's lot in life. There are times his shouting sounds like singing, a feat as impressive as it is eerie. But it is Thomas' few moments of quiet when you really see — when you at last understand and know — Booth.”


-Paul Friswold, Riverfront Times



The language and phrasing are exceptional, and Chauncy Thomas, as Booth, and Reginald Pierre, as Lincoln, handle the pacing and emotional changes expertly… Thomas's performance captures Booth's fragile psyche in nuances and gestures that resonate with hidden pain.”


-Tina Farmer, KDHX



Booth, the last-born, is impulsive and volatile, switching back and forth between charm and visceral anger, and Thomas does the best work I've seen from him. His opening monologue alone is enough to grab the audience and pull them along.” 


-Ann Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks




Photo Courtesy of Lenny Stucker

Photo Courtesy of John Lamb

The Piano Lesson
St. Louis Black Repertory Company

Thomas is one of St. Louis’ premier performers, a chameleon who immerses himself in his characters seamlessly. Here he is ingratiating and appealing as the affable Lymon.”


-Mark Bretz, Ladue News



He [Lymon] has almost a childlike charm about him, and Thomas is terrific in the part. Everyone here is very good, but Thomas pulls the focus whenever he’s around.”


-Andrea Braun, Playback St. Louis



Equally entertaining is Chauncy Thomas as…Lymon. His drunken encounter with Berniece is both touching and downright hilarious.” 


-Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis



Chauncy Thomas provides a lot of comedy.”


-Robert Ashton, KDHX



Chauncy Thomas’ Lymon, with his lanky build, adroit physical comedy and sweet, almost innocent approach to women made him one of my favorites.”


-Donna Parone, St. Louis Public Radio

Photo Courtesy of Stewart Goldstein

Clybourne Park
The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

 “Gary and Thomas shine in Act II, both when they’re trying to be nice, and when they aren’t. This is the best work I’ve seen Thomas do.” 


-Andrea Braun, The Vital Voice



Gary and Thomas turn in pitch-perfect performances.”


-Andrea Torrence, St. Louis Theatre Snob



 “Tanesha Gary and Chauncy Thomas are great as a housemaid and her husband in act one, and busy modern professionals in act two.”


-Richard Green,



Chauncy Thomas is magnificent as Albert


-Mark Bretz, Ladue News

Photo Courtesy of Jerry Naunheim Jr.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
St. Louis Black Repertory Company

 “Of particular note is Chauncy Thomas, who seems born to speak the words of the Bard. His voice is rich of timbre, his enunciation flawless, while fully committed and believable in his character's wants and motivations.”


-Devin C. Baker, St. Louis Magazine



Chauncy Thomas and Courtney Brown are exceptional as the young lovers Lysander and Hermia, respectively. Both are energetic and up to the task at hand.”


-Chris Gibson, BroadwayWorld


The young star-crossed and double-crossed lovers are simply perfection. With Courtney Brown as a tenacious Hermia, Anthony Peeples as a determined Demetrius, Patrese D. McClain as the loving Helena and Chauncy Thomas as the bewildered Lysander, they make a fighting foursome that are a delight to watch as Puck changes and re-arranges their lives.”


-Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis


Photo Courtesy of Stewart Goldstein

The Real McCoy
St. Louis Black Repertory Company

 “Thomas stood out to me… [he] seems equally comfortable as a six-year-old boy and a down-at-heels, washed up drunk. He is amazingly versatile.”


-Andrea Braun, The Vital Voice



 “Chauncy Thomas is a delight as young Elijah.” 


-Joe Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks



 “Thomas also is splendid as an amiable chap named Don Bogie.”


-Mark Bretz, Ladue News


Photo Courtesy of Stewart Goldstein

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